Give your best friend the four-star treatment they deserve

Are your other obligations leaving you with little to no free time? Juggling work, family and personal duties can often feel like an impossible task, let alone finding the time to keep your pup groomed and happy. This is where our premium service can come to the rescue, offering professional dog washing, grooming and clipping for pet owners throughout Belrose. Regardless of whether you have a little pocket rocket or a canine friend the size of a small horse, we have the experience and the training to keep your best friend feeling comfortable and happy.

The trusted dog washing professionals

Boasting a team of avid doggy lovers, our dog washing specialists will be able to put your special friend at ease and give them all of the love and affection they need throughout their time with us. We understand that your pup might feel agitated or stressed being left at a strange, unknown place, which is why we take the extra time to ensure they’re having a tail wagging good time. Our washing and grooming service comes in various packages depending if you want a routine nail clipping, bath and brush, or if you want the complete package.

Clipping those claws down to size

Is your Chihuahua starting to look like a velociraptor with those death claws they’ve started to sprout? Well then it’s probably an ideal time to pay a visit to our dog clipping professionals if you’re in Belrose, or the surrounding areas, including Avalon, Warriewood, Church Point, Ingleside or Newport.

Make sure to book your appointment well in advance!

If you were interested in booking our dog walking, clipping and grooming service for your pooch in Belrose, then give us a call today on 9999 6016 or 0404 496 077.