Our business is all about making your pup look and feel great when you don’t have the time to spare. We understand that it can often be frustrating to give your doggy the love and attention they require when other responsibilities such as work and family get in the way. This is where we enter the scene, offering our professional dog walking, washing, grooming and clipping packages for customers within Avalon and beyond.

How does it work?

Once you’ve made your booking (ensure you get in early and book at least one week in advance), leave your pup with us on a day that suits you and our experienced team will take it from there. We have various packages to choose from depending on whether your dog only needs clipping and washing, or the complete five-star package.

How to know whether it’s time for a clipping

Well if Fido’s paws are starting to look like the claws of Freddy Kruger, then this is probably a good indicator to take him in to our team. Not only is clipping ideal for keeping your dog’s hygiene up to scratch, but it will also ensure you aren’t covered in claw marks the next time you want a cuddle. Ensure your dog gets the full treatment when you bring them in and take advantage of our dog clipping, walking and grooming all in the one sitting. We’re also available for those in Warriewood, Ingleside, Church Point and beyond.

If you had any queries about our services, feel free to give us a call

We understand that pet owners are reluctant to leave their loved ones with strangers, this is why we always encourage our customers to call us up so they can chat with our doggy enthusiasts for themselves. After just one phone call, we’re sure you’ll feel confident with your decision to trust our Avalon dog grooming, clipping and walking professionals.

Whether to make a booking, or to ask any questions about our services, give our team a call today on 9999 6016 or 0404 496 077. We’re always happy to assist and will gladly offer up any information as required.